High End Photo Retoucher


Ra Retouching is based in California, however, Ra’s clients are worldwide and span many different types of industries.

Ra (pronounced Rae) is not only a high-end photo retoucher; she also brings 15 years of modeling and acting experience to help unlock the hidden potential inside every photograph. Ra’s knowledge of modeling, make-up & hair, styling, and fashion, beauty, and commercial photography, enables her to select the strongest images, see what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, understand correct composition and cropping, what looks natural and how to enhance an image, giving it a naturally polished look.

“I take pride in my work, customer service, fast turnaround time and my sincere desire to make my clients happy and successful.”

This is amazing! I wish you could have seen my face when I opened the email to view the proof. You out did yourself with this image. I really appreciate it.

R. Murshid/Photographer

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