Professional Photo Retouching

Commercial Photo Retoucher
February 28, 2015

Photo Retoucher | Commercial Retouching

As a photo retoucher, nothing is more satisfying than taking 2 or more images and making them into one perfect image for your client. This particular commercial retouching project, my client needed an image to come to life by using 3 images that were not exactly what the client needed and transforming them into that one perfect image….

photo retouchers
February 17, 2015

Even Photo Retouchers need a consistent portfolio

I’ve been blogging lately on my different websites on how crucial it is to keep your portfolio consistent. Whether a photographer, model, makeup artist, you need to create a signature look, which means your images in your portfolio should truly represent you and your work to make you stand out. When you hear a new song…

photo retoucher with affordable rates
February 3, 2015

Photo Retoucher | Affordable Rates

My clients ask me why my rates are less than the average professional photo retoucher (in the USA). The main reason why I offer affordable rates is because I do not factor in my sales and administration in my rates. I charge for just the time I open a file to the time I save the file….

Black and white concept shoot
January 5, 2013

Natural Photo Retouching – Photo Retoucher

I wish my blog images were larger so you could see the detail. With that said, this was a pretty straight forward request. Natural retouching, with some graininess and contrast. Very subtle changes to the image really did make an overall impact on the feeling and anesthetics.

Fashion concept retouching
November 28, 2012

Photo Retouching – Photo Retoucher

My client needed this image to pop and posses a different feeling than the original image. With some subtle and natural retouching, color correcting and with a little bit of this and a little bit of that…it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. 😉

Model photo retoucher
July 28, 2012

All Images need some retouching – Photo Retoucher

My client was updating her modeling portfolio and wanting some natural retouching for several images. Her image just needed a little here and there, but that subtle amount of retouching really makes the image pop and look finished. No distractions. A nice sold image to help get her next booking.  

July 10, 2012

From Start to Finish – Photo Producing

Teen fall fashion story. I started with creating the concept, hired all talent, (make-up, hair, stylist, model) art directed, selected the strongest images and of course, finished with my retouching skills. When I booked the model, the photographer was nervous about it, but I knew I had a gem and she did shine! Whether I’m…

June 12, 2012

Retouching is not just for photographs…

What most people don’t realize is retouching is also found in videos, commercials, tv and film…it’s everywhere! I just saw the movie, What to expect when you are expecting. It was so overly retouched, I couldn’t concentrate on the movie, just the overly airbrushed faces, though it was a bad movie to begin with. “Email…

December 21, 2011

Body Retouching – Professional Retouchers

This was a simple request from my client…natural retouching to enhance what the model already has. Some slight body contouring, natural skin retouching, slight color correcting and other simple, but essential changes; this image works beautifully.

December 12, 2011

Body Retouching – Retouchers

My client needed their swimwear images retouched and color corrected naturally with some pop. A lot of swimwear images whether catalog, magazine or online, are overly retouched and can distract the consumer with how unreal the model looks vs. how great the swimsuit is. When I retouch, my objective is keeping the image free from…

November 16, 2011

Photo Producer – Not just a retouch artist

When I had my jewelry company, I knew when I produced my photo shoots, my calling was not a jewelry designer, but photo producing, creating concepts, directing photo shoots, selecting the strongest images, retouching, designing, the whole shebang!

May 11, 2011

I’m in love

I am just smitten about my new iphone 4. I waited years to get the Verizon iphone and months to get the white iphone and now…I have it! Combined with mobile me, I can go just about anywhere and still stay in contact with my potential and existing clients. Thanks Steve Jobs!    

High End Retoucher
May 8, 2011

Ra Retouching – High End Retoucher

Ra Retouching is a high end retoucher specializing in natural, affordable and timely turnaround photo retoucher services. 10% off your first order. It’s 2011 and I needed a new website. I’ve had the same “flash” website since 2006. No Blink Design did a fabulous job 5 years ago, but it was time for me to…