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Professional Photo Retouching

Retouching picture of beautiful woman for a skin editorial
July 16, 2019

Skincare Retouching | Ra Retouching

Refresh your browser if you cannot see the Before & After. Skincare retouching is different for each client. Some clients need their images to appear picture-perfect flawless, some clients need their images to look natural with a flawless feel, and some clients want their images to look raw with some subtle retouching. I love retouching…

Natural photo retouching - beauty retoucher
June 28, 2019

Beauty Retouching | Ra Retouching

Beauty Retouching is not about making perfection, it’s about taking what the image or model has and enhancing it. Often an angle/lighting can create a flaw that the model does not possess. That is when I take my experience and skills to help reduce or eliminate areas that feel distracting to the viewer.

Professional Retoucher beauty photo retouching
April 25, 2016

Professional Retoucher – Ra Retouching

As a professional retoucher, I specialize in natural photo retouching, keeping the texture of the skin, while creating an almost flawless look, with subtlety. I observe and admire natural beauty in people, so I tend to retouch the way I see people in person. Fixing an area on, let’s say a person’s face, does not…

Beauty Photo Retoucher in the beauty industry
April 1, 2016

Beauty Industry – Photo Retoucher

I specialize in natural photo retouching for the beauty industry. Depending on the project, my clients require polished yet natural skin with texture. I take pride in canvasing the image, noting what should be removed, replaced, reduced, enlarged, sculptured or enhanced. Just because an image is retouched, doesn’t mean I am changing the integrity of…

Beauty Photo Retoucher Ra Retouching
April 9, 2015

Beauty Photo Retoucher | Ra Retouching

As a Beauty Photo Retoucher, I feel photo retouching males, depending on the client’s needs, should be as natural as possible, while giving the image the pop it needs to bring out it’s beauty. I do have to admit, retouching men is my favorite. It’s all about bringing out the best in the image, without…

Beauty photo retouching
April 8, 2014

Beauty Photo Retouching | Naturally

My client needed their beauty images retouched naturally, while strategically keeping some sand on certain parts of the model’s body. After creating a few versions with more and less sand and on certain parts of the body, it was easy for my client to select the strongest and most beautiful version. When sending beauty photo retouching…

Beauty Photo Retoucher
December 30, 2013

Beauty Retouching | Beauty Photo Retoucher

My client has a beauty product line and they wanted the Beauty Retouching to be natural, with a little extra punch. Though I advise high resolution Tiff or RAW files, sometimes clients only have a medium to high resolution jpeg. I do my best to retouch almost any file, though depending on what the images…

Beauty Retoucher
October 1, 2013

Beauty Retoucher | Ra Retouching

As a beauty retoucher, I love to experiment with crops for my clients. It’s amazing what a crop can do to bring out the best in an image. It’s not just about photo retouching, but almost as important, the crop! Sometimes the less information, the better. It depends on what my client is focusing on when choosing…

beauty photo retoucher
September 2, 2013

Natural Beauty Retouching | Beauty Photo Retoucher

When new clients contact me, they are adamant about natural beauty retouching. I completely understand their needs and I try to retouch as natural as possible. With that said, not all images are conducive to natural retouching. It depends on the lighting, skin, and image resolution. As a professional Beauty Photo Retoucher, I always communicate…

Beauty Photo Retoucher Fashion Photo Retoucher
June 25, 2013

Fashion and Beauty Photo Retoucher | Ra Retouching

As a Fashion and Beauty Photo Retoucher, I understand all clients have their own objective. For instance, for this featured image, my client had a budget to keep in mind and wasn’t looking for pure perfection, but a naturally retouched image with some subtle flaws to keep it feeling real. Retouching does not mean perfection.