Professional Photo Retouching

Professional Photo Retouching

Retouching picture of beautiful woman for a skin editorial
July 16, 2019

Skincare Retouching | Ra Retouching

Refresh your browser if you cannot see the Before & After. Skincare retouching is different for each client. Some clients need their images to appear picture-perfect flawless, some clients need their images to look natural with a flawless feel, and some clients want their images to look raw with some subtle retouching. I love retouching…

Retouching for family portrait
July 12, 2019

Local Photo Retoucher | Ra Retouching

Why use Ra Retouching? Well to start, I’m a real person residing in the USA. When you send your project to me, I am your single point of contact. Whether we communicate via email or over the phone, whether large or small, published or not, your order is my priority. Images are so important to…

Natural photo retouching - beauty retoucher
June 28, 2019

Beauty Retouching | Ra Retouching

Beauty Retouching is not about making perfection, it’s about taking what the image or model has and enhancing it. Often an angle/lighting can create a flaw that the model does not possess. That is when I take my experience and skills to help reduce or eliminate areas that feel distracting to the viewer.

Natural Photo Retouching on Celebrity
February 5, 2019

Celebrity Photo Retoucher | RA RETOUCHING

I specialize in natural photo retouching for the fashion, beauty and commercial industry. Being a former model, I understand photography, lighting, hair & makeup; I also understand the industry. Of course, all clients have their own retouching needs for their images and projects, but as a retoucher, I use my experience, talent,  marketing knowledge, and…

Jewelry Photo Retoucher
January 31, 2019

Jewelry Photo Retoucher | Ra Retouching

Retouching my client's jewelry is all pleasure. Creating an image with fewer distractions and a clean background will really help the stones and metals pop. With the right sharpening, retouching and color correcting, the jewelry really stands out for customers to see more the beautiful pieces giving them the "Awww effect".
photo retouchers
February 17, 2015

Even Photo Retouchers need a consistent portfolio

I’ve been blogging lately on my different websites on how crucial it is to keep your portfolio consistent. Whether a photographer, model, makeup artist, you need to create a signature look, which means your images in your portfolio should truly represent you and your work to make you stand out. When you hear a new song…