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Professional Photo Retouching

Professional Retouching of Author
December 4, 2019

Headshot Photo Retouching | Ra Retouching

Professional Photo Retoucher I retouch all types of headshots, from models, actors, musicians, and dancers, to executives, authors, seniors, children, and anyone and everyone. Retouching headshots naturally and affordably is important to my clientele. I specialize in natural photo retouching with a quick turnaround. Even though there are apps you can subscribe to that adds…

Headshot Photo Retoucher
September 6, 2019

Portrait & Headshot Retoucher | Ra Retouching

Sometimes when I retouch portraits or headshots, I’m not just retouching for the actual person in the image, I’m also retouching for the photographer, the makeup artist, and often, an agent or manager. So, I need to retouch in a manner that will appease all the people involved. I focus on making sure the person…

Natural Photo Retouching on Celebrity
February 5, 2019

Celebrity Photo Retoucher | RA RETOUCHING

I specialize in natural photo retouching for the fashion, beauty and commercial industry. Being a former model, I understand photography, lighting, hair & makeup; I also understand the industry. Of course, all clients have their own retouching needs for their images and projects, but as a retoucher, I use my experience, talent,  marketing knowledge, and…

Portrait Retoucher Headshot Retoucher
March 17, 2015

Headshot Retouching | Ra Retouching

You need to look like your headshot images, just a bit more polished. When it comes to your headshot, not retouching your headshot is just as harmful as over-retouching your headshot. There is a happy medium. As an ex-model/actress, now professional headshot photo retoucher, my experience in the modeling, commercial, tv and film industry enables me to…

Portrait photo retoucher
February 24, 2015

Portrait Retoucher | Ra Retouching

As a professional Portrait Retoucher, I believe natural photo retouching for portraits is imperative. A portrait is a photograph representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person. Once a person no longer represents themselves, it’s no longer about the…

Male portrait photo retouching
October 15, 2014

Headshot Portrait Retouching

My client is a fabulous photographer based out of New York. All of his work has a classic signature look. My client needs the right amount of retouching to bring out the integrity of his work. Whether I am retouching a male, female, fashion, beauty, portrait, headshot, commercial or editorial, the image needs to be retouched…

Portrait Retoucher
July 3, 2014

Portrait Retouching

Originally my client was going for a classic portrait look for his marketing materials, but then decided to go with an edgy, sexy headshot.  It was fun and challenging to work with my client to achieve his desired portrait retouching needs. The end result was bold, sexy and exactly what my client envisioned.

Real Estate Portrait Retoucher
March 17, 2014

Headshot and Portrait Photo Retouching | Ra Retouching

Headshot and Portrait Photo Retouching, whether for real estate (featured image), medical, technology, law, banking, education, any industry, is very important for your business. Your image need to look it’s best and needs to look like you. Natural retouching, color correcting, sharpening and cropping are all steps in the process to achieving a marketable headshot or portrait. Having an…

Dancer Photo Retoucher
February 18, 2014

Headshot Retouching For Dancers | Photo Retoucher

Headshot Retouching for dancers is an essential component in the dance industry, any industry. My client (featured in this post) is a professional dancer and needed her headshots retouched, naturally. Producers, directors, agents, or anyone in the position to request your headshot, expect headshots to be professional and to represent you at your best. If…