Fashion Retouching

Professional Photo Retouching

June 21, 2012

Fashion Retouchers – Editorial Retouching

For this project, natural retouching was necessary for the look and feel my client needed. It’s more fun to retouch naturally, because it’s definitely more challenging keeping the skin as real as possibly, while subtly fixing small changes here and there, whether skin, lighting, features, etc. My clients use my services because I am a…

February 1, 2012

RA=Rescue Artist or Retouch Artist

RA is not always short for Retouch Artist or Raichle, it sometimes means Rescue Artist. My client had a fun, yet challenging project. Make this image pop! I cropped the heck out of this image, took away half of the model’s body and a few accessories (stuff that wasn’t needed and only taking away from…

December 31, 2011

Fashion and Beauty – Photo Retoucher

This was a fun project. The photographer wanted me to clean the image up and just make it pop. Well, I think it is popping now! Small changes/tweaks, natural retouching, hint of color correcting, move the moon and this baby is hot hot hot. This is a money making image for all talent involved!

October 20, 2011

Catalog Cover – Commercial Retouching

Here is a retouching project for a catalog cover. My client needed natural retouching, color correcting, adding sides and rotating. Retouching men should never be overdone, it will take away from what the company is trying to sell if a consumer noticed how polished a man looks.

September 21, 2011

Photo Retoucher – MORE than Retouching

Besides being a freelance photo retoucher, I also like to help my client select their strongest images, give them ideas for their project and rescue any image or photo shoot they feel was not salvageable. I have the ability to see potential in images that most professionals cannot see. Whether retouching the right areas, interesting…

August 25, 2011

High-End Retoucher – Fashion Retouching

My client, who’s a high-end Fashion & Beauty Photographer, just shot for a big east coast magazine. The images turned out beautiful on their own, but like all images, retouching always needs to be done, it’s inevitable, but what’s imperative to my client is natural retouching to keep the integrity of the photograph. It’s easy…

August 12, 2011

Retouchers – Not All Are the Same

This was a fun project. My new client had no idea what to do at the point she contacted me. She didn’t know if she needed a graphic artist, retoucher, printer to get her snapshots of her clothing line to a completed look book. Besides retouching, I am very strong with selecting the strongest images,…

August 8, 2011

Fashion Retoucher – Fashion Editorial Retouching

Love me some challenges! Here is a prime example of a typical challenge clients experience during image selection. They cannot find or decide on the right image, so they give me a stab at it, hoping I can see something they can’t. Which I usually do. 😉 My clients have faith in my ability to…