Professional Photo Retouching

Professional Retouching of Author
December 4, 2019

Headshot Photo Retouching | Ra Retouching

Professional Photo Retoucher I retouch all types of headshots, from models, actors, musicians, and dancers, to executives, authors, seniors, children, and anyone and everyone. Retouching headshots naturally and affordably is important to my clientele. I specialize in natural photo retouching with a quick turnaround. Even though there are apps you can subscribe to that adds…

Photo Retouching Fashion Editorial
September 16, 2019

Fashion Editorial | Ra Retouching

As a Fashion Editorial Photo Retoucher, I understand the industry very well, mostly due to my prior career as a professional model. Just like modeling, I know retouching has different fields: Commercial Print, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Catalog have their own photography and retouching needs. I understand the style and amount of retouching for each field,…

Bridal Wedding Retouching
September 12, 2019

Wedding Retoucher | Ra Retouching

Bridal Retouching Retouching for a bride is a very important role in completing a bride’s most memorable event. Making the image dreamy and surreal brings so much emotion to that image and that day. If there was a hiccup in the wedding and it shows up in a photo, that is a forever memory. Removing,…

Headshot Photo Retoucher
September 6, 2019

Portrait & Headshot Retoucher | Ra Retouching

Sometimes when I retouch portraits or headshots, I’m not just retouching for the actual person in the image, I’m also retouching for the photographer, the makeup artist, and often, an agent or manager. So, I need to retouch in a manner that will appease all the people involved. I focus on making sure the person…

Retouching picture of beautiful woman for a skin editorial
July 16, 2019

Skincare Retouching | Ra Retouching

Refresh your browser if you cannot see the Before & After. Skincare retouching is different for each client. Some clients need their images to appear picture-perfect flawless, some clients need their images to look natural with a flawless feel, and some clients want their images to look raw with some subtle retouching. I love retouching…

Retouching for family portrait
July 12, 2019

Local Photo Retoucher | Ra Retouching

Why use Ra Retouching? Well to start, I’m a real person residing in the USA. When you send your project to me, I am your single point of contact. Whether we communicate via email or over the phone, whether large or small, published or not, your order is my priority. Images are so important to…